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Mr. Joshua Schwencke To All Instructors

Joshua Schwencke spent the beginning of his culinary career as a small boy between living in San Antonio as well as on a family farm just outside of Shiner Texas. It was here that he gained a love and appreciation for the process of food. Seeing the connection this made between people and what they ate was something that resonated with him. In a family where both parents cooked he quickly saw the power that food and fellowship had on those around him. 

After grade school, Joshua focused his efforts on culinary education where he studied regional cuisines, food science and nutritional anthropology. Soon after meeting his wife Sunni, they formed The Gastronomy Company in 2003 focusing on catering and cooking classes. All events designed and conducted by Gastronomy were steeped in the history of the regions that the food served represented. 

Joshua spent time working in kitchens throughout his career but found the most joy in developing others in cooking skills as well as educating young eaters on the love of great food and the impact on their food system they could have. Classes conducted in local schools and organizations put spotlights on the culinary lineage of the students, the importance of eating wholesome and healthy food as well as the joys of cooking. 

Gastronomy’s client base includes Northside Independent School District, Northeast Independent School Districts, Great Hearts Schools, YMCA, and many others around the area.

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