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Miss Makenzie Moczygemba To All Instructors

I have had experience with teaching a younger audience in teaching my younger brothers, I am a very patient person with lots of experience with children and taking things step by step, I understand that some children have difficulties and can work to help them on learning how to play. I love to play the violin and it has been my passion for years now. I'm very excited to share what I have learned with my students in hopes they will find as much joy in it as I do. I have been playing consistently for years now and strive to continue on for many years to come.

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Private Violin 1:00 pm – Instructor (closed)
Private Violin 10:30 AM – Instructor (closed)
Private Violin 11:00 AM – Instructor (closed)
Private Violin 12:00 pm – Instructor (closed)
Private Violin 12:30 pm – Instructor (closed)
Private Violin 9:30 AM – Instructor (closed)