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Mrs. Nikki Marquez To All Instructors

Hi, I'm Nicole Marquez. But my students usually call me Ms. Nikki. Homeschooling is very important to me. I have been a homeschool parent since 2007. In 2021-2022 I will have a Senior and an 8th grader, both are boys. As an instructor, I always build great relationships with my students. I believe EVERY child can succeed when given the right tools and chances. I am very organized, communicative, tech-savvy, and fun! By 2023, I am looking to graduate from Western Governor's University with a dual BA in Education and Special Education. Let's have fun together!

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  • Colors
    •  Sunshine Yellow
    • Cobalt blue
  • Foods
    • NY Strip Steak
    • Feta or blue cheese
  • Hobbies:
    • Crocheting, Bible journaling, singing, dancing, organizing, planning, or reading.
  • Movies:
    • The Princess Bride
    • LOTR/Hobbit
    • Pirates series
    • Any musical ever
  • Music:
    • All Christian music, yes even rap!
    • Pretty much any genre of music, it all has a mood/purpose for me.
  • Season:
    • Fall
  • Subject:
    • History
    • Science
    • Language Arts
    • The Arts
  • Holiday:
    • Christmas
  • Flower:
    • Carnations
  • Tree:
    • Mimosa
  • Animal:
    • Okapi
  • Moment of my life thus far:
    • Family time during SNOWMAGEDON 2021

Current Classes
Biblical Citizenship (FALL) & Constitution Alive! (SPRING) – Instructor (open)
Biology 1 – Instructor (open)
Fallacy Detective (FALL) / Thinking Toolbox (SPRING) – Instructor (open)
Lost Tools of Writing Pt 1 & 2 – Instructor (open)
Shakespeare Survey – Instructor (open)