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Mr. Michael Szabo To All Instructors

My name is Michael Szabo. My wife and I have been married since 2011 and have four beautiful children. Charlotte is 6, Dagny is 4, David and Victor are both less than a year!

I have a variety of interests including but not limited to: mathematics, philosophy, psychology, theology, political science, education, calisthenics, running, and rock climbing. I have been teaching math/science since 2008 and have taught from 4th grade up to high school seniors, including some college level courses.

One of the main reasons I enjoy learning is because I find a deep emotional joy in seeing the consistency in God's works. Whether I am studying the Bible, language, math, biology, psychology, physics, or numerous other topics, there are themes/patterns that appear repeatedly. I like to analogize this to the geometric idea of fractals. Whether one zooms infinitely close or infinitely out, there are observable patterns in our universe. It is the observation of these patterns that knock me back in my seat and think "God you are amazing. That is so cool."

I hope to share this joy of learning and God with the students I teach!

[email protected]

(713) 344-3864

Current Classes
Calculus – Instructor (open)
Intermediate Algebra – Instructor (open)
Introduction to Algebra – Instructor (open)
Introduction to Geometry – Instructor (open)
Pre-Calculus – Instructor (open)