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Greetings 2022 senior students and their families!

We are so excited to take part in The Beacon Co-Op's very first graduation ceremony Saturday May 14, 2022 @ 2:00 PM. Parents, we are so blessed to be able to join you as you end the journey of homeschooling for your senior student! 

Below we hope you find all the information you could possibly need to prepare for the big day! If you have any questions be sure to click the question button. 

Any picture you see below is also a link.

Important Dates

New graduation dates coming soon!

Congrats class of 2022! 

Files & Links

Order of Ceremony

Parent & Student Speaking Prompts

Graduation Etiquette


Graduation media

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Plan a Senior Event

 If you would like to plan a get-together click HERE to email all our Seniors & their families with details of your gathering.